TORQUE Fitness Plate Loaded Leg Press

$ 3,900.00


Built with the same uncompromising durability of our X-Racks, the X-Series Plate Loaded Leg Press (XPLLP) is a workhorse for legs. The 4-bar linkage movement mechanism provides a natural path of motion with an increasing strength profile mimicking that of a human. In other words - an athlete can lift more weight as they extend the legs than they can when the knee is fully bent.

A footplate allows for unilateral motion as well as a step for easy entry and exit. The over-sized rubber molded footplate provides secure footing and the high density pads are customized for the leg press movement. The station comes standard with weight storage pegs so a dedicated plate tree isn't necessary. All three handles include rubber grips with aluminum ends to provide a firm hand hold. Maximum weight capacity 770 lbs (350 kg).


PRODUCT WEIGHT 474 lbs (215 kg)
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 94.1” x 63.4” (239 cm x 161 cm)