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Equip Fitness sells cardio fitness equipment for home gym & commercial fitness locations. Add a new treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical machinestepper, or rowing machine to your home gym or commercial fitness location. A healthy lifestyle requires regular cardio workouts if you improve your stamina, hearth and bones.  A regular cardio workout also helps you loose weight by burning calories. 

Browser our huge catalogue cardio fitness equipment & order online.

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Cardio Fitness Equipment Authorized Dealer

Equip Fitness is the authorized dealer for Hoist Fitness, Prism Fitness, The Abs Company, True Fitness, Troy Fitness, Rogue Fitness, Vision Fitness , USA Fitness, Spri, TKO Fitness and many other home and commercial fitness brands.

Specializing in premium fitness equipment, we offer the top, trusted brands in fitness equipment and more than 20 combined years of experience. Equip Fitness has built our reputation on proving excellent customer service alongside expert product knowledge of fitness equipment.



Our professional team of fitness equipment consultants utilize their experience to fully understand and anticipate the needs of our client's residential and commercial environments. Our vast selection and extremely competitive pricing ensures that you'll find the right equipment for your home gym or commercial business.

We are always there to answer any questions you may have and to provide continuous care with your purchase. We always strive to provide the highest quality of service after each and every sale. Our relationships don't end with the delivery of our customers' products, they only just begin.

Cardio Fitness Equipment for Home Gym & Commercial Fitness

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