THROWDOWN 2x8 Compact XTC Rig

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XTC Compact Rigs are constructed with 2’ or 4’ cross member bars and are available in 4’ or 8’ lengths. These freestanding rigs create a compact functional footprint ideal for hospitality, multi-family housing, boutique studios, flexibility zones or anywhere you need additional organization and storage.

SKU: 9-XTC-208C-60THD
SIZE: 2’ X 8’ (61 X 244 CM)
Suggested Floor Space 18’ X 12’ (5.5 X 4 M)

Attachments Included:
Triangle Pull Up Bar – x1
Dip Bar – x1
Wide Shelf 4′ – x6


Utilizes 8.5’ (259cm) vertical posts
2” x 4” (5cm x 10cm) tubing allows inner and outer mounting options
11-gauge steel
Laser Cut holes allow for maximum adjustability of station attachments
Accessories sold separately

Customization: We know what it takes to build an authentic, meaningful brand experience. Our customization program is the perfect way to leverage your personal brand and make a strong first impression. Get Throwdown XTC rigs in a variety of custom color options. Available in -60 Black, -29 Silver, -30 Karminrot, -73 Ultramarine Blue and -01 Galvanized.