Prism Fitness Smart Trainer Bag Package

$ 575.00

Type mixed

Train clients on the go! The Smart Trainer Bag contains all the necessary equipment to give clients a full workout while fitting nicely into a bag for easy travel. Featuring Self-Guided products with exercise ideas printed directly on the products.


  • (1) 6lb Smart Medicine Ball
  • (1) 6mm Smart Exercise Mat
  • (1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing 4ft. Light
  • (1) Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing 4ft. Medium
  • (1) Heavy Mini Flat Band (Blue)
  • (1) Medium Mini Flat Band (Green)
  • (1) Light Mini Flat Band (Yellow)
  • (1) Smart Speed Jump Ropes
  • (1) Smart Straps Bodyweight Trainer
  • (1) Smart Core Wheel
  • (1) Smart Modular Agility Ladder
  • (1) Duffle Bag with Smart Trainer Logo