Prism Fitness Smart Hurdle

$ 105.99

Smart Hurdles are one of the best all-around training tools available, yet not enough people are aware of them. Most people still think of hurdles strictly in the track-and-field sense, but it’s time to spread the word! Using agility hurdles to perform drills at various heights can positively affect lateral speed, linear speed, agility, and flexibility. Quick feet, strong bounding abilities, fast directional changes, and powerful jumps are common to great athletes in many sports (either on the court or field). Hurdle training enables athletes as well as weekend warriors to improve these skill sets and build overall athleticism with fun and effective training drills.

All hurdles need some type of support to stand up; the advantage of a fold-flat support leg is that the hurdle is easier to carry and store. Athletes, coaches, and PE teachers appreciate the convenience of the Smart Hurdles. The hurdles come in a variety of sizes, with adjustable-height for #3, #4, and #5 sizes (making them suitable for over/under drills). Smaller sizes #1 and #2 are fixed-height and better suited for footwork.

Hurdles are the perfect workout system for anyone who wants to improve athletic skills. Their versatility and variety make them appropriate training tools for all ages and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Smart Hurdles Available Sizes:

  • #1 Smart Hurdle: 21″ wide; 6″ high (Set of 6)
  • #2 Smart Hurdle: 21″ wide; 12″ high (Set of 6)
  • #3 Smart Hurdle: 32″ wide; height adjusts from 12″ to 18″ (Set of 3)
  • #4 Smart Hurdle: 38″ wide; height adjusts from 21″ to 36″ (Set of 3)
  • #5 Smart Hurdle: 42″ wide; height adjusts from 27″ to 42″ (Set of 3)


  • Can positively affect lateral speed, linear speed, agility, and flexibility
  • Build overall athleticism with fun and effective training drills
  • Multiple sizes to fit your needs
  • All sets include a carry handle for easy transportation.
    • Looking for an even more convenient transportation system?  Check out the Smart Hurdle Collection, it includes a transportation cart!