Power Systems Bower TC-Timing System with Smartphone Connectivity

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BRAND NEW! The Track and Speed Evaluation system is the latest development from Brower Timing Systems. This system utilizes the Brower Timing TCi-System. The TCi-System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TCi-Timer memory. The TCi-System can send radio transmissions up to 800 feet and is accurate to the thousandth of a second, making it a highly precise timing tool. It is also equipped with five different radio frequencies allowing multiple Brower systems to be used in the same area. With Brower Timing’s dedication to portability, all components of the TCi-System have been designed to fit neatly into a small lumbar pack. Made in the USA. Two year limited warranty. Batteries included. 


  • Redundant Transmissions - The RL system sends each start and finish up to 12 times. This insures that times never are missed.
  • Wireless Sync - The RL system does not need any cable to synchronize the system. The system synchronizes with the press of a button
  • Signal Strength Analysis - The RL Timer can display the radio signal strength of each start and finish.
  • Multiple Channels - 32 independent channels allow multiple systems to be used in close proximity without interference from other XS systems and radio devices.
  • 3 Timing Programs - There are 3 different timing programs that enable the system to be customized to the needs of the racers,
  • Exact Crystal Synchronization - With precise crystal matching, (+/-) 1/1000 second accuracy can be maintained from unit to unit for over 4 hours, over the full range of temperatures experienced in skiing.
  • Lifetime Frequency Recalibration - The RL system re-calibrates itself each time it is powered on, eliminating the need for future tune-ups.
  • Bib Number Tracking and Storage - Racer's times are displayed and stored by their bib number. Up to 500 times can be stored on the system then downloaded to a smartphone with the Smartphone Interface.
  • Portable - The entire system weighs just 6 lbs. (3 kg.) and comes in a small lumbar pack.
  • Extended Battery Life - The RL System runs on standard three AA alkaline batteries that last up to 200 hours under typical use. 

Package Includes: 
RL Timer
RL Photocell set
Timer Tripod
Expansion Lugs and Swivel Mount (2 each)
Antenna (2)
Carry Case
Instruction booklet


Brand Brower Timing Systems
SKU 18187
Sold As single unit
Shipping Dimensions 9" x 11" x 20"
Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs
Made in USA Yes