HD-3400 Leg Extension/Leg Curl

$ 3,599.00

Type mixed

The expanded HOIST® HD Dual Series offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium. Featuring the same aesthetic distinction and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT™ line, the Dual Series offers 9 dual or multi-function stations. Utilizing flexibility in design HOIST® can provide a state-of-the-art strength circuit for almost any center. The HD Dual Series offers an exciting blend of quality components, intuitive adjustments, superior biomechanics and excellent value.


  • Eight back pad adjustments for varying leg lengths
  • Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises
  • Self-aligning roller pad automatically adjusts to reduce potential stress of the ankle joints
  • Weight Stack:
    • Standard: 215 lbs (98 kg)
    • Heavy Stack OPTION: 240 lbs (109 kg)


  • Product Width: 51.00" (130 cm)
  • Product Height: 55.00" (140 cm)
  • Product Length: 57.00" (145 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 
    • Standard: 566 lbs (257 kg)
    • Heavy Stack OPTION: 591 lbs (268 kg)