Ab Coaster Black - Home Gym & Fitness Equipment

$ 399.00

Type Cardio

The Ab Coaster Black is the top of the line Ab Coaster in the home gym fitness equipment Personal Series for residential use by The Abs Company.  The Ab Coaster Black places no pressure on the back or neck. Avoid injury because you don't have to worry about strict form. It is easy to do for anyone of any fitness level. Most of all, it is effective. Ab Coaster’s safe bottom-up motion is easy to do & easy on you! Every coast brings you one step closer to the tight, toned abs you always wanted!

Ab Coaster Black Home Home Gym Fitness Equipment Features

  • Ultra-smooth Stainless Steel rails
  • Includes an exercise mat and weights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Smooth, Bottom-Up Motion Creates Constant Core Contraction
  • Free-Style Seat Targets Entire Abdominal Region
  • Natural Arc Motion Works Upper, Middle, & Lower Abs on Way Up & Way Down
  • Double the Workout in Half the Time
  • Helps You Get Sculpted, Sexy Abs Fast
  • No stress and strain on back or neck
  • Seat Twists to Define Obliques— On Both Sides!
  • Perfect for All Fitness Levels

The Ab Coaster Black will work your lower, middle & upper abs in every rep!

Say so long to the flab and coast to great abs! Introducing the Ab Coaster Black. It’s the 5-Star Rated Ab home fitness equipment breakthrough to help you get lean, sculpted, sexy abs, a chiseled mid-section, and defined, cut obliques.

The secret is the Ab Coaster’s Black smooth bottom-up motion. This natural arc creates a constant core contraction. Every rep on the Ab Coaster MAX targets your entire core and gives you a “constant core contraction”. It works your lower, middle, and upper abs from the bottom-up. And on the way down works your upper, middle, and lower abs once again.

The Ab Coaster Black workout is easy to do and easy on you. Plus, with just a twist of the seat, you can work your left side obliques or right side obliques. Or glide from side-to-side for a quick, ab-ripping express workout.

The Ab Coaster Black is perfect for any fitness level - no experience required!

Ab Coaster Black Home Fitness Authorized Dealer

The Ab Coaster Black with lifetime warranty is only available by authorized dealers. Equip Fitness is the authorized dealer for all The Abs Company home gym products in Nevada, California, Arizona & Utah. Equip Fitness specializes in premium fitness equipment for the home as well as commercial environments. We offer more than 20 combined years of experience. Our company has been built on proving excellent customer service alongside expert product knowledge.


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  • Dimensions: L 51" W 25" H 50"
  • Unit Weight: 70 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime