Spri Xertube With Sleeve

$ 16.98


The Xertube® With Sleeve has all of the same benefits and high quality construction as other Xertubes, plus a protective 34" sleeve. This sleeved tube is ideal for carpeted or rough surfaces, protecting you and your training environment. The hard handles provide durable grip during your most intense workouts. Available in color-coded resistances ranging from very light to ultra heavy. Sold individually.

Xertube® With Sleeve Features:

  • Protective 34" rubber sleeve
  • Ideal for carpeted or rough surfaces
  • Comes with hard handles
  • Available in 5 resistances


34" rubber sleeve

5 color-coded resistance levels:

Resistance Level Color
 Very Light  1  Yellow
 Light  2  Green
 Medium  3   Red
 Heavy  4  Blue
 Very Heavy  5  Purple


Sold individually