Spri Xercuffs PLUS

$ 18.98


Designed with the martial artist and kick boxer in mind, the Xercuffs® Plus are 4" longer than standard Xercuffs, allowing you to develop stronger stances and higher kicks. The extra length also provides increased resistive range of motion and the larger cuff size is more secure and a more comfortable fit for all body types. Available in color-coded resistance levels, ranging from very light to medium. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

Xercuffs® Plus Features:

  • Designed for stronger stances and higher kicks
  • Increased resistive range of motion
  • Larger cuff size
  • Available in 3 color-coded resistance levels
  • Downloadable exercise guide


Available in 3 color-coded resistance levels:

Resistance Level Color
 Very Light  1  Yellow
 Light  2  Green
 Medium  3   Red


Sold individually