Spri Premium Kettlebells

$ 59.98

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Our Premium Kettlebells offer a symmetrically balanced weight load for dynamic training while performing snatches, swings, and squats. Solid cast iron delivers durable performance, while the textured wide handle ensures a sure grip. Available in sizes ranging from 17 to 71 pounds. The per pound weight is rounded, reference below for a kilogram to pound conversion. Sold individually.

Premium Kettlebell Features:

  • Heavy-duty and professional-quality
  • Made with solid steel shell
  • Easy-grip sanded handle for improved stability
  • Used for many Crossfit exercises including snatches, swings, squats and more


Kettlebells are weighted in kilograms. Conversion in pounds is below.


ITEM # Pounds Kilograms
 05-60595  17.6 lb  8 kg
 05-60596  26.5 lb  12 kg
 05-60597  35.3 lb  16 kg
 05-60598  44.1 lb  20 kg
 05-60599  52.9 lb  24 kg
 05-60600  70.5 lb  32 kg


Sold individually.