Spri Braided Xertube Trainer

$ 44.98


This new generation of Xertube® is designed with SPRI's patented braided tubing technology, built specifically for dynamic, high resistance exercise. The Braided Xertube® Trainer has two 36" strands of braided tubing that can be connected to a durable nylon loop that can be attached to any sturdy surface, or held by a training partner to maximize your resistance training workouts. Sold individually. Color-coded levels of resistance ranging from very light to ultra heavy.

Braided Xertube® Trainer Features:

  • Heavy-duty connector
  • Connected tubes to each other or any sturdy object
  • Foam handles
  • Color-coded levels of resistance


Five color-coded resistances:

Resistance Level Color
 Very Light  1  Yellow
 Light  2  Green
 Medium  3  Red
 Heavy  4  Blue
 Very Heavy  5  Purple


Sold individually