Pro Model True Stretch

Pro Model True Stretch

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The TRUE Stretch is a revolutionary concept that uses a natural approach to flexibility training.  It helps users look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury. The TRUE Stretch provides a dedicated, self-contained stretching area that allows users a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility. In addition, the TRUE Stretch eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment. Therefore, you can complete various different stretches properly with a functional leverage system.

Created by a world renowned physical therapist, Gary Gray, TrueStretch is used to increase the flexibility in safest and most efficient manner. The compact design utilizes minimal floor space, making it an easy addition to any gym or spa. TrueStretch completely eliminates the need for stretching on the floor or on expensive and uncomfortable equipment. Also, use TrueStretch to help increase flexibility, stamina, and endurance to any training regime. Great for targeting and isolating different muscle groups making using TrueStretch with an injury safer than traditional stretching. All physicians and trainers agree that stretching before and after a work out is a necessity and TrueStretch makes it easy. It is

Most noteworthy, all physicians and trainers agree that stretching before and after a work out is a necessity and TrueStretch makes it easy. It is designed to promote perfect body alignment, preventing injuries and healing old ones. Using a dynamic range of motion (front to back, side to side, and complete rotation), ideal for athletes and personal trainers alike. TrueStretch is a time-saving equipment and it is provided with a placard with thirty different stretch demonstrations making it easy for beginners and classes.


  • Relieves tension from the back and spine
  • Helps prevent tension from occurring
  • Prevents injuries
  • Decreases muscle and joint soreness
  • Increases flexibility, stamina, and endurance
  • Targets specific muscle groups
  • Isolates specific muscle groups
  • Promotes healing
  • Increase time efficiency
  • Placard with 30 stretch demonstrations
  • Humanomic Design
  • Focuses on body weight
  • Space efficient 48”W x 60” D
  • Heavy Duty Equipment used for rigorous training


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