Prism Deluxe Storage Tower - Gym & Fitness Equipment

$ 1,275.00

The Prism Fitness Deluxe Storage Tower (Economy Package) is a self-guided fitness, storage & racking station. Each one of Prism's self-guided fitness products will fit perfectly in your workout area. It’s versatility of this tower allows facilities to properly display and store all the key self-guided product available for the end user in a space efficient manner.

The Deluxe Storage Tower Medicine Ball Rack is designed to efficiently store medicine balls in any facility or room. The rack also allows the medicine balls to be easily accessible to all users. The solid steel construction can hold 4 medicine balls ranging from 4lbs to 10lbs. The compact design creates a space saving solution for any room.

Deluxe Storage Tower Economy Package Includes:

  • (2) Self-Guided SMART Mats - 6mm Thick - Yellow (400-150-130).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Roller - 6 x 24" - Green (400-150-020).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 4 lb. - Yellow (400-150-001).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 6 lb. - Orange (400-150-002).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 8 lb. - Green (400-150-003).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 10 lb. - Blue (400-150-004).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 55 cm - Yellow (400-150-010).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 65 cm - Green (400-150-011).
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 75 cm - Blue (400-150-012).
  • (1) 4-Ball Medicine Ball Rack (400-640-150)


  • Exercises are printed on stability balls, medicine balls, mats, and rollers for easy reference
  • Commercial-grade product can be used in any environment
  • Convenient storage display allows for easy access to all products and keeps products organized

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